Monday, 4 June 2012


Good day people, i was able to handle a htc phone and i decided to check if i can configure the phone but to my greatest surprise i was able to tweak it to work free with etisalat ng. thanx to bro. google and bro.jbed and i also gat my way in setting Android CP to work with etisalat:::

To Browse free on my Android sony
All u need to do is upgrade ur OS and Root ur phone. When i mean root am talking about h4cking ur phone to av total access ROM and system file, Root any android phone in this link below
Afta done goto to download opera 7 n 6 handler app so u can use it to browse with ur available free internet settings
To configure Internet settings
1. From the Home screen, find and tap Settings.
2. Tap Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access PointNames.
3. Press the Menu key.
4. Tap New APN.
5. Tap Name and then tap the Name text field to enter the name of the network profile {Etisalat}
you want to create. Tap Done > OK.
6. Tap APN and then tap the APN text field to enter the access point name. Tap Done > OK.
7. Tap and enter all other
information required by your
network operator like IP and Port.
8. Press the Menu key and tap Save.
Note: If ur setting didnt come automatically Contact your network operator for detailed information about your network settings.
Useful tip: To reset to the default Internet settings, in the APNs menu, press the Menu key and tap Reset to default.
To check what network the phone is connected to, from
the Home screen find and tap Settings > About phone > Status and check the Network field.
Naw Downld Opmini android 4rm ykhandler or nextwap
then Go to d ProxY type choose http and ProxY server input dIs code
save and U gud to z00m.

Goto phone settings
Goto Start Settings connection connection add a new modem connection enter a name for the connection [etisalat] select a modem(cellular line gprs, 3G) click next access point name ( click next username(wap) password(wap) domain(leave empty) naw click Advanced use specifi ip input ( click back you should see finish clik it, it will bring u to the first page where you will see(add a new modem connection, edit my vpn, edit my proxy server, manage existing connection) click on manage existing connection and u will c a list o existing connection locate etisalat(the one u just created) locacte proxy settings click it and tick #this network connect to the internet also tick #This network uses a proxy server to connect under proxy server input ( now click advanced you will see HTTP, WAP, SECURE WAP, SOCKS. Click on HTTP Proxy then you will see server input( port (8080). Do the same for wap and you have succesfully set ur connection

Second we need a browser and we all know that window mobile does not allow .jar file to run unless we use an emulator called [JBED]
download jbed below

After u have succesfully install ur jbed. what we need now is a browser. goto to download handler opera or ucweb.
note download the format in zip. after downloading the browser locate where u download it, click on it and you will see the original .jar file, click on it and ur jbed will take up the task from there. You will see two option root/folder[which means where to compile the file] choose folder then a message will pop up asking that do u want to continue install click yes, then application not trusted, click yes then it will compile it. After finish compiling, you will c a msg do u want to launch the midlet click no, go back to ur jbed open it and u will see folder click it and u will see ur jar file. launch it and tink u no wat to do fRom there.
proxy type=http
save and u gud to hit tha road with the speed..


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